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6 at Home Christmas Activities for Kids

Every parent knows the struggle of keeping the kids busy over the Christmas holiday break. 

Lucky, this year we have created a list of 6 easy-to-execute, Christmas themed, kids’ activities that they will absolutely love.

Christmas Baking 

Cooking with the kids at Christmas can be a really fun, memorable, (slightly messy) activity.  

Our favourite child-friendly recipe this season is Chocolate Rudolph Cupcakes. Not only can the kids get involved in the mixing and baking process, they will then get creative when it’s time to decorate these delicious cupcakes. 

We guarantee the kids will enjoy making these tasty little treats, and everybody will love eating them! 

View the recipe. 

And of course, if cupcakes aren’t enough, we had to include the crowd favourite at this time of year, Ginger Bread Biscuits.


Christmas Movies 

Nothing gets the whole family into the festive mood like watching a classic Christmas movie! Plus, it’s something the kids and parents can both enjoy. 

‘Christmas in Australia’ have put together a list of the 40 best G rated Christmas movies, and they have even broken the list down into age categories and classics for you. 

View the list.


Write a special letter to Santa! 

Make your little ones Christmas even more magical by helping them write a letter to Santa.

If you drop your child’s letter in Santa’s mailbox located outside of woolworths before Friday 17 December Santa will respond!

Don’t forget to include your home address so Santa knows where to mail his response.


Leave a tasty treat out for Santa & his reindeer

If you’ve been busy baking cupcakes with the kids, be sure to leave one out for Santa with a glass of milk! And, don’t forget to leave something out for Santa’s reindeer too, stop into Woolworths for some fresh carrot sticks for them to enjoy.  

We’ve also found a special Reindeer Food recipe the kids will love making! View the recipe


Candy Cane Hunt

A super simple activity that is highly effective at keeping kids distracted. 

It’s as easy as it sounds… you hide the candy canes and they find them. 

Feel free to swap candy canes for any Christmas themed treat!


DIY Christmas Cards

Christmas themed craft is always high on the list of activities this time of year, so why not feed two birds with one seed and combine craft and Christmas card giving together!

Family and friends will love receiving cute handmade Christmas cards from you children.

Need some inspo? Click here for 15 creative card ideas.